What Is A Lowest Calorie Bubble Tea — Ultimate Guide 2023

The calorie content of bubble tea is one of the most frightening topics among bean fans. After all, when you taste these delicious drinks, you don’t want to think about how much you have to work in the gym or how much longer you have to run to lose weight? Bubble tea is so delicious! And, as practice shows, tea with bubbles really quickly becomes a habit because of its uniqueness.

The nutritional value of these sweets is something we should know about. It is important to make sure that the calories we consume are in line with our diets as well-balanced customers.

Just how bad is bubble tea for you

Furthermore, if we are planning to keep enjoying the delicious drinking boba tea, it’d be beneficial to know the calories in the tea that we consume.

This is to help us can learn to manage the boba drink with different meals throughout the week and day. The more we can incorporate into the tasty drink our diets without sacrificing health as well as the more boba drinks can be enjoyed!

What’s In Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is typically comprised of three components. The most commonly used are milk, tea, and toppings. Although, there are many options in which the ingredients are much larger. But now we will dwell in more detail on these three.


1. The Tea

There are many alternatives to the tea used in the bean. Different types give different flavors. This makes it possible to create a huge variety of goodies. If we analyze it, we can conclude that black tea is most often used in a variety of drinks with the addition of milk, and green tea is one of the components in fruit drinks. But these are just the main ones. After all, you can use other teas – for example, tea from pea flowers, other herbal varieties.

2. The Milk

Milk is the base element that greatly adds to the caloric value of pearl milk tea. Sometimes an alternative to milk is used. Since this product is basic and gives an indescribable taste and structure to the drink, it cannot be abandoned. The only exceptions are fruit drinks.

Milk can be replaced with a large number of products. It can be as non-dairy creamers, as Pearly uses. Another prime example of a substitute is Thai milk tea, which uses sweetened condensed milk.

Juice is the main ingredient in fruit drinks. This means it is lower in calories as compared with milk tea.

3. What can we use as a filling and what should we pay attention to?

The most common and popular options right now are boba or tapioca pearls. This is a very interesting and intriguing product that presents gumballs. In fact, they do not have a pronounced taste. But they can be prepared in a special way so that they are sweetish.

Coconut Butterfly Pea Flower Boba Tea 2

Are you already familiar with tapioca pearls? It is made from starch, which in turn is made from the root of a plant called cassava. This root has a sweet and nutty flavor. It is high in calories – almost twice as many calories as a potato. There is a definite advantage to this. This filling is optimal for those who want to quickly make up for the lack of energy.

It’s an alternative to boba pearls! An interesting feature is that they cannot be chewed. On the contrary, they just incredibly burst and explode in the mouth, giving an unforgettable experience of the drink. They are perfect for people who don’t like chewing on boba pearls but want to enjoy the taste of tapioca pearls.

These toppings are just what you need for bubble tea ingredients. There are plenty of options. You can use a wide variety – of jelly and pudding, which will give you the opportunity to create a variety of bubble tea drinks.

Bubble tea calories: a closer look at Options for Bubble Tea Milk

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Vegans can use soy milk, which is the perfect companion, and for those looking to gain weight, whole milk is the way to go.

Bubble tea calories: Let’s break it down, What Are The Toppings?

How can you enjoy bubble tea without toppings? It’s just a waste of time. Toppings for Bubble Tea allow you to diversify traditional tea and make it unique and unforgettable!

All toppings differ not only in taste characteristics but also in calorie content. It depends on how and from what they are made.

Let’s see which are the most high-calorie. These are bean fillings. Jelly comes in a variety of flavors, including grass jelly and coconut jelly. Calories range from 50 to 190 per serving.

Unique pearls of tapioca… One of the products that is so mesmerizing. One serving will have approximately 90 to 100 calories.

How Many Calories Can Be Found In Bubble Tea Toppings?

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Well, let’s sum up.

If you are watching your weight and figure, it is not at all necessary to give up your favorite drinks. Just choose them wisely. Choose bubble tea filled with grass jelly and popping boba. These toppings contain the least calories – about 50-70 per normal cup. Also, aloe vera filling has a low calorie content.

Bubble tea calories: What Is The Amount Of Calories There In Boba Tea?

As we have already understood, the calorie content of bubble tea will directly depend on what it is made of and what ingredients will be used. First of all, you should pay attention to the type of milk and topping.

Below I suggest you familiarize yourself with the types of the most popular products that are used to create bubble tea.

To make our description more complete, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the calorie numbers as in a standard serving of bubble tea. This allows you to make an adequate comparison and draw the right conclusions. We focus on a standard serving, which is 22% milk, 100% sugar and full ice.

First: the popular Milk Tea with Brown Sugar

Well, for those who have not tried this drink, it may not be clear how it differs from classic milk tea. And its key difference is that it contains brown sugar.

bubble tea

This boba flavors is popular in bubble tea shops and is also known as tiger milk tea. A serving of standard brown sugar milk tea can range from 500 to 660 calories per serving.

It is not necessary to use traditional milk. You can add coconut milk, oat milk.

Taro milk tea: incredible beauty and taste

This is a very popular drink that has won the hearts of millions. Taro milk tea conquers not only with its taste, but also with a unique purple hue. But it is worth remembering that taro milk tea is quite high in calories. There are about 600-615 calories in a standard serving.

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Amazing Thai milk tea

The recipe for this drink involves the use of sweetened condensed milk. This Thai milk tea is extremely popular all over the world. Thanks to sweetened condensed milk, the drink is quite high in calories – it contains about 620-640 calories.

Incredible Deliciousness: Honeydew Milk Tea

If you want to find your favorite with fruity, creamy and sweet flavor notes, then we can tell you. Try honeydew milk tea. This bubble tea will quickly restore your strength, because it has about 600 calories, and will also cheer you up and give you inspiration!

Classic tea with milk: for those who love traditions

Classic tea with milk does not lose its popularity despite the wide variety of other drinks. It is the symbol of the boba and the most popular flavor in bubble tea shops. If we consider the calorie parameter, then this drink is in the top five most high-calorie teas. Since it is usually served with boba tea, a standard serving has a calorie value of about 450 calories.

Amazing drink with fruity notes – passion fruit tea

Tea with the addition of fruits, namely passion fruit, is a great way to please yourself. Fruit passion fruit tea is incredibly popular. And there is a simple reason for this – it is very tasty! This is the best option for those who prefer fruit tea. Let’s pay attention to the calorie content of this drink. It has a value of 240 calories.

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Fruit tea with mango – exotic in a glass

Fruit tea with bubbles – what could be better? Grab a mango fruit tea with you and you will quickly cheer yourself up. This drink conquers with its taste. And its calorie value is 223 calories per standard serving.

Another option for an exotic drink with bubbles is Fruit tea with lychee

If you prefer fruity drinks but don’t like too much sweetness, then lychee tea is the best solution. This is a very popular drink that has an average calorie value of about 220 calories.

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Carefully! Can Bob’s tea be healthy?

Yes, you can exhale and continue to enjoy your drink. Bob is healthy. A typical bubble milk tea consists of tapioca pearls, whole milk and tea. It does not contain any ingredients that could be harmful to health. Three fantastic natural substances to add to your health, especially milk and tea.

Tea is known for its many health benefits that reduce the risk of diseases such as cholesterol and heart problems, and control weight loss.

How to Order A Healthful Bubble Tea

Here are some suggestions for boba lovers to get a better bubble tea at a boba store:

1. Choose your favorite bubble tea the tea flavor only.

There are a variety of tea flavors available that can be as delicious as the other varieties. Request an Oolong, Butterfly Pea Flower, Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, or one of the Black tea flavors if they offer it. This will drastically cut down on bubble tea calories and help in losing weight.

2. For a lower boba, ask for a reduction.

A request for less boba could help you cut down on calories and carbohydrates, helping you keep track of your diet.

3. Request a different boba topping.

A good idea is to replace the tapioca pearls. They help to include more nutrients in your drink as well as reduce carbs and calories. Most bean shops have pop pearl (popping bean) flavors that are filled with real fruit juice.

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4. Ask for a small amount or no.

Milk is delicious however if you’re trying to manage weight loss, request your local boba shop to create your preferred taste without the milk. Milk is a source of a lot of bubble tea calories that you consume in boba drinks. Requesting less milk in the future will go a long way.

5. You can request a different type of milk for milk tea

If they use alternative milk like low-fat, coconut, or almond for instance choose this instead of whole milk for milk tea. The boba shop that you’re purchasing from might use whole milk or creamer for more flavor.

6. Just one topping

Instead of acquiring different toppings for your signature bubble tea choose just one. Requesting a tsp of each could be strange to the barista who is making the drink, but it is also an option.

7. Simple is best

These vibrant rainbow-colored bubble teas that have a variety of flavors might look appealing however they might require more powders and syrups to create them. Make it easy and only order only one flavor.

8. Order a matcha bubble tea

If calories and other such things aren’t an issue however you would like something more nutritious, get a matcha-flavored bubble tea and take it easy for the day.

9. Request less sugar

This is a less apparent one, however, it’s still important to be taken into consideration. The boba store you’re buying from might add other syrups, sugars (for example, they may use brown sugar), or even powders to make their drinks sweeter. Request less of these in your drink at the time you make your purchase.

10. You can make your own bubble tea

If, for any reason, the boba store you’re buying from doesn’t fulfill your requirements, then creating your own drinks from bubble tea might be the best way to move. This will help you save money and you’ll be in complete control over what goes into the drinks and what’s not.

Refreshing Variety of Bubble Teas Strawberry Butterfly and Melon

This is the most effective method of making custom drinks that fit various diets.

Bubble tea calories: Bubble Tea Benefits For Health Benefits

Being a caffeinated drink at its heart The boba drink is a mild diuretic that helps keep the body hydrated. It serves as a source of water that is vital to perform various bodily functions.

The added hydration aids in helping to keep the body cool, which aids kidney function and also aids joint and muscle movement.

Like regular coffee, this sweet beverage packed with caffeine and sugar can act as a stimulant.

In drinking bubble tea you can enjoy the stimulating effects that can aid us in overcoming the afternoon slump, by keeping us alert.

This is an advantage that we will reap when we decide to drink a few bubble tea during the day.

Green tea, which is widely used can also supply antioxidants that can help prolong our lives.

In preventing the free radical formation and supplying protection for cells in the body antioxidants are vital.

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The tapioca pearls in boba drinks have also positive health effects. Because they are composed of the roots of cassava, which are brimming with resistant starch, bubble tea aids in the regulation of the digestive system. The starch promotes the growth of gut-friendly bacteria that are essential for our digestive tracts.

Are Tapioca Pearls Healthy?

Tapioca pearls aren’t harmful because of their size but aren’t a great source of nutrition benefits. However, they can become unhealthy when large quantities of sugars are added. as every food item or dessert could turn into a health risk.

This could turn a basic little-known, beneficial, topping into a health risk, particularly when it is consumed in huge amounts. If you prefer the original tapioca pearls in their tea bubbles, then cutting out sugars is a great idea.

The majority of boba shops put their tapioca pearls in sugar (or brown sugar) after they have been cooked. If you’re still looking for Boba in your cup then cooking and making the tapioca yourself is a great alternative. This will give you the possibility of removing sugars from your cup of boba.

Below are some helpful tips to help keep your tapioca pearls from getting unhealthy

  1. Do not have a lot of boba in the cup. If your main concern is carbs or bubble tea calories, then lower how much boba you have that you have in your cup.
  2. Make your pearls from tapioca with fewer sugars.
  3. Keep in mind that a good bubble tea drink is made up of more than just the boba. It’s a great and delicious drink to enjoy however, remember that it’s a drink to be served with a straw not a spoon.
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In Conclusion, How Can You Find And Order A Boba That Is Lower In Bubble Tea Calories?

While the calories of bubble tea are high but there are ways to cut down on the caloric value of your cup!

One way to lower the calorific value is by choosing fewer toppings. Try ordering smaller portions of boba or opt for less calorific toppings such as popping the boba instead!

Sugar is also a factor in the calorific value of your boba. It is stated that the calories count as 100% sugar. If you want to reduce the calories contained in your boba drink, ask for less sugar (0 25, 25, or 50 percent).

Another way to cut down on bubble tea calories is to use soy or almond milk. Alternative milk sources like almonds are almost 50% of the calories in the 2 percent milk. Make sure alternatives have fewer calories as some milk alternatives may be deceiving.

If you’re still not satisfied then you should consider purchasing an immediate bubble tea set. There are boba choices that contain as little as 226 calories. We also have the ingredients and calorific amounts available on our website as well as printed on our boxes. Instant boba kits may be a convenient and economical way to have your favorite beverage at your home.


The calories of bubble tea that has pearls are about 357. This would be based on the milk tea with pearls. Pearl milk tea that has no sugar will contain 245 calories for a drink of 16 ounces. This is made with all-milk, black tea, and the original tapioca pearls.


Is there low-calorie boba?

Lollicup is a well-known chain offering low-calorie, low-fat teas and claims a bubble tea drink has 87 calories and no fat. So if you look at their website, you can find ways to make classic milk tea and other bean-containing drinks that are about 150 calories or less.

Can I drink bubble tea on a diet?

However, boba itself provides little benefits for health however its carbs and calories could give you an increase in energy. In the majority of cases, it is known that boba tea has excessive amounts of sugar which can lead to chronic health issues like obesity and diabetes.
To reduce the number of calories boba tea, pay attention to the main ingredients. For example, classic milk tea can be made from soy milk, almond milk, aloe vera and herbal jelly as a filling.

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