Rose Oolong milk tea: a boba-flavored beverage [Bubblicious perfection 2023]

Want to feel fancy while sipping on a sweet and delicate tea concoction? Look no further than rose milk tea!

This refreshing iced tea is the perfect addition to your summer beverage rotation. Try it with juicy boba pearls for an added chewy texture and surprisingly delightful brown sugar taste. And don’t worry, if chewy sips aren’t your thing, you can enjoy this floral beverage without the bubbles.

What does rose oolong milk tea taste like

It’s so easy to make, you’ll impress your friends with your newfound tea skills. Get ready for a mellow tea and rose flavor explosion that will leave you wanting more. And the milk? It adds a luxurious smoothness that will have you feeling like royalty.

So go ahead, give in to your sophisticated side, and try rose milk tea at least once – your taste buds will thank you!

Rose milk tea with the addition of boba pearls: what is this drink and what makes it different?

Switch things up with rose milk tea boba – the tea, milk, amazing rose syrup and inimitable rose petals create a magical potion of fragrance that will make your taste buds dance. And don’t forget the boba – those chewy tapioca pearls take this already-satisfying drink to a whole new level.

After all, when it comes to bubble tea, why settle for anything less than bubblicious perfection? Plus, making rose milk tea at home is a breeze, so you can customize it to suit your unique palates.

Rose syrup

What does rose oolong milk tea taste like?

Do you want to know what does rose milk tea taste like? Look no further than rose milk tea – it’s like a bouquet of flowers got married to a carton of milk and had a delicious baby. The subtle floral taste is so delicate, you’ll feel like you’re drinking at a fancy garden party.

And the smooth, rich mouthfeel is like velvet on your tongue. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can try out some custom rose tea blends from tea specialists.

Three reasons to make rose milk tea at home

  • Rose milk boba tea is the perfect mix of sweet and creamy deliciousness, with a scent that will transport you to a magical garden.
  • Indulge in the delicate notes of rose petals that gently dance on your tongue, leaving you feeling refreshed and satisfied.
  • Not only will you love the taste, but you’ll also look like a fancy and sophisticated person drinking a beautiful pink beverage.

Let’s turn to history: where did the recipe for rose milk tea come from?

Did you know that milk tea is the ultimate classic beverage that’s been around for centuries? It’s the OG tea latte and people all over the world can’t get enough.

But let’s get specific, have you tried rose bubble tea yet? These little tapioca balls that swim around in your drink (they’re called boba) are Taiwanese treasures and are now found in almost any flavor you could imagine.

And let’s not forget our fellow floral tea lovers out there. Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day anymore, they’re also for sipping! Rose milk tea is the perfect combination of beauty and taste that will satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

To top it off, boba fanatics can now find their fix in Asian restaurants, cafes, and even supermarkets.

Rose Oolong milk tea Bubblicious perfection

Rose milk tea recipe: where did it originate?

Move over basic boba flavors, because rose milk tea is giving the competition a thorny run for their money. This fragrant and flowery drink is making a comeback after centuries of being the OG rose-infused beverage.

In fact, rose tea dates back all the way to Han Dynasty China, which is basically like the OG boba tea craze.

Rose milk tea: health benefits

Who knew that drinking tea could be both tasty AND healthy? Apparently, the Chinese have known for a while now, as they’ve been using rosebuds in their traditional medicine for years.

What is Rose Milk Tea good for?

And studies have shown that drinking rose tea can help with weight loss, provide antioxidants, and even relieve menstrual pain.

But before you start chugging gallons of the stuff, just remember that our recipe includes black tea or oolong tea, so there’s a bit of caffeine in there.

And if you really want to maximize the weight loss benefits, go easy on the sugar – that’s right, don’t go all Willy Wonka on us. Milk tea benefits are proven, but drinking the drink is recommended for pleasure, not for treatment.

What ingredients are used to make rose milk tea? What is rose milk tea made of?

Add spice to your drinks with:

  • A juicy rose simple syrup made with real rosebuds, water and hibiscus petals for added effect.
  • Choose a base for your milk (oat milk or almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk, whole milk, any?).
  • Water.
  • Loose-leaf tea or tea bags (black tea or oolong, green tea, take your pick!).
  • Tapioca pearls for boba magic.
  • Hibiscus petals can be used as desired for a better decorative effect.

Trust us, once you’ve experienced the bliss of bubble tea, you’ll never go back.

Rose Oolong milk tea a boba flavored beverage

Which is better to choose rose syrup or rose water?

If you’re looking to add a touch of flower power to your afternoon tea, you might want to consider incorporating rose syrup. Don’t go overboard with the rose syrup, though, unless you want to feel like you’re sipping on a bouquet of flowers.

But fear not, for you can DIY your own rose syrup to control the sweetness level – no more sugar overload! And for an even more customised experience, infuse some dried rosebuds or hibiscus petals into your black tea or oolong tea for a floral flavour blast.

Who needs that fancy tea shop with their overpriced floral drinks when you can make your own rose syrup at home? Not only is it ridiculously easy to whip up, but you get to control the sweetness level and skip out on any questionable chemicals.

Plus, only three ingredients needed? That’s basically magic.

No need to stress if you can’t find fresh rose petals either, just snag some rose syrup from your local ethnic store or order online. Trust us, your homemade rose tea will be the talk of the town.

How to make rose syrup at home? What do I need to make it?

Get ready to impress your friends with your homemade floral syrup! All you need is

  • some water, (250 ml);
  • rose petals (or loose flower buds for a more adventurous flavor) – 6 tablespoon;
  • and sugar to sweeten the deal (1 cup).
Rose syrup homemade

Homemade rose syrup: Step-by-step guide:

  • Put on your chef’s hat and bring that water to a boil.
  • Add those petals and let them simmer for a while.
  • Get creative with your sugar levels and add more floral goodness if you’re feeling bold.
  • Once it’s all cooked up, turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down (while basking in the glory of your newfound culinary skills).
  • It’s time to add some homemade charm to your drinks with your own floral syrup creation!

Helpful tips

When it comes to syrup, you want it to have the perfect consistency – thick enough to coat a spoon without being too runny.

And don’t be a sugar hoarder – add it in parts to make sure your sweetness levels are just right.

Whip up a batch of this liquid gold and it’ll stay fresh in the fridge for two months!

Rose bubble milk tea

What’s the best part? You can use it for many different recipes (desserts, rose milk latte, etc.). Pour it over panna cotta, cheesecake, or even make a rose tea latte (oh-la-la). Add it to milkshakes or smoothies for a touch of sweetness.

And don’t forget – this syrup can also be mixed with bean pearls before assembling a delicious drink.

Choosing the best option for rose milk tea decoration: dried rose buds vs. hibiscus petals vs. dried rose petals

Are you in the market for some dried floral additions to your tea game? Look no further! While there isn’t much of a taste difference between rosebuds and petals, you’ll probably have an easier time finding petals and saving some cash.

Rose petals

Did you know that the aroma and taste of a flower bud and petals are virtually indistinguishable? So it really is a “choose your taste” situation. Will you eat the buds or snack on the petals? Either way, you’ll still get your daily dose of floral pleasure.

Plus, they’re easier to infuse into tea. But beware, hibiscus petals are not to be confused with their rosy counterparts and may give your tea a fruity twist. Unless you’re going for a fruity-floral combo, use sparingly or stick to using it as a natural food coloring.

hibiscus petals

Battle of the Pearls: Boba or tapioca?

Are you addicted to small, chewy balls of deliciousness?

And guess what, you’re not alone! Boba and tapioca pearls are pretty much the same thing. These little guys are made with tapioca flour and roll around waiting for you to devour them. It’s like a game, but the prize is sweet, sweet satisfaction.


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What’s better to use loose tea or tea bags?

Steeped in decision-making, the battle of tea bags versus loose-leaf tea is a brewing debate. Tea bags offer convenience but can leave you high and dry with low-quality leaves. The loose-leaf camp offers a more complex flavor of rose milk tea but requires a little more effort. If you want to experience the taste explosion of rose bubble tea, go loose-leaf. If you need a quick fix, grab a bag and steep yourself inconvenience.

loose leaf tea and tea bags

Rose milk tea recipe: all the information for making a divine drink

We need to gather our supplies.

  • First up, the tea kettle – because we all know tea just doesn’t taste the same when microwaved.
  • Next, grab those measuring spoons and cups, because accurate tea-to-water ratios are crucial.
  • Don’t forget the tea strainer for that loose-leaf tea. If you will be using a tea bag, you can skip this point.
  • And of course, we need a fancy serving cup to make us feel posh.
  • Finish off the spread with a milk frother to give your beverage that frothy flair.

List of necessary ingredients and their quantity

Looking for a drink that’s more interesting than your average cup of tea?

Rose oolong milk tea

Then get some:

  • rose syrup, (2 Tablespoons will suffice for you, although you can also make your own adjustments based on how sweet a rose tea latte you like)
  • water – 1 cup;
  • milk – 1/4 cup (you can choose soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or any other milk you like);
  • black or oolong tea – 2 Tablespoons are needed for a medium strength drink;
  • boba – 1/4 cup;
  • and maybe even a few hibiscus petals for color/dried rose petals,
  • And you get a tea adventure in a cup!

It’s like a party for your taste buds, and who doesn’t love a good party? Plus, if you add boba, you can enjoy tea drinking and sipping at the same time.

The number of ingredients in the rose milk tea recipe is shown for 1 serving. If you want to make more rose milk tea at once, it is recommended to increase them proportionally.

Rose milk tea recipe: step-by-step guide to making

So you want a little adventure in your tea time, eh? Let’s get fancy with our boba game (aka tapioca pearls) and check out the rose milk tea recipe.

  • First, grab a big pot and make those babies according to the package.
  • Then, add them to your cup like they’re the missing puzzle piece.
  • Now, get ready to make some homemade syrup (you fancy, huh?) and pour 2 tablespoons over the pearls. Mmm, mix that goodness together.
  • Time for some tea action – boil some water in the kettle and add your tea leaves to the teapot. Add hot water. Once steeped, pour it over your boba and take a moment to admire your work of art. But wait, there’s more!
  • Warm up some oat milk any other one you like best, froth it like you’re a barista, and pour it over the tea.
  • Add some rose petals or rose powder or hibiscus petals for decoration.
  • Give it a little stir and voila, a masterpiece – rose bubble milk tea- you can sip on.

The recipe card is attached as always, so don’t forget to save the recipe.

rose oolong milk tea recipe


Are you tired of boring recipes that limit your dietary options? Fear not, my friend, for this recipe is adaptable to almost any diet!

  • Going vegan? Swap in some plant-based milk.
  • Need to avoid gluten? You’re in luck, this recipe is already gluten-free.
  • Going dairy-free? Grab some oat or almond milk.
  • And for all you paleo people out there, just use some maple syrup and coconut milk.

This rose boba tea recipe is like a chameleon, changing with the times to keep your taste buds satisfied.

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Rose oolong milk tea 1

Expert advice

  • Don’t let stale water ruin your tea party vibes! Swap out that old, lifeless liquid with some freshly filtered goodness. Your taste buds (and your nose) will thank you for the extra oxygen boost, resulting in an aromatic and delightful cup of tea.
  • Based on my preference, I recommend using plant-based milk. But this is not at all a prohibition against experimentation. You can make something much tastier with other types of milk.
  • Making the perfect cup of tea is like trying to solve a math problem. You gotta calculate the water temperature and steeping time just right. Green tea and white tea are like divas, they require lower temperature water around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. But black teas are tougher and can handle boiling water, about 212 degrees Fahrenheit. And don’t forget about timing, each tea type has its own time to shine. Green tea only needs to steep for 1-2 minutes, but black tea needs a good 3-5 minutes to fully show off its flavor.

Storage information of rose milk tea

Here’s the rose milk tea on tea storage: while the ingredients can hang out on their own for a while, the real magic happens when they come together in a cozy brewing session.

To truly savor the flavor, I suggest brewing up just enough for a single sitting.

Rose milk tea: drink customization

Rose tea latte

If you’re feeling fancy and want to treat your taste buds to something truly delightful, we suggest a rose latte.

It’s the perfect combination of creamy melted milk and fragrant rose tea, guaranteed to transport you to a magical land of flavor.

Bubble tea rose oolong milk tea

And the best part? You don’t even have to fumble with those pesky boba balls to enjoy it. Remove the boba balls and get the steamed milk!

What does rose fruity milk tea taste like?

Get fruity with your rose bubble tea game! Don’t settle for plain old tea – add in some juicy goodness like lychee, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries to give your taste buds a party.

With so many options, why limit yourself? Let your creativity run wild and see what tasty combos you can come up with.

Rose oolong milk tea and fruit

Grab another variety of tea for a change

Want to diversify your tea game? Don’t be afraid to mix it with white, green teas! Although this recipe uses black and oolong, other teas bring their own unique flavor and array of health benefits to the table (or mug). Add rose petals and the result will be amazing!

Is it possible to change the flavor of a rose?

Have you ever been bored of the same old rosy taste in your milk tea? There are different ways to spice up that floral goodness. Rose milk tea made with rosewater has delicate and sophisticated flavor notes.

Rose milk tea

But if you’re in the mood for a sweet and intense taste, go for the rose syrup approach.

And for those who want to live on the edge, try out the rose powder rendition for an explosion of sweet floral flavor!


Can I add rose water to milk tea?

Rose bubble tea

Looking to spice up your boring old milk tea? Well, have no fear, because rose water is here! You can totally add it to your drink for a floral twist. Don’t have rose extract? No problemo – just whip some up using that rose water. And brewed tea in rose water for an indulgent treat.

What is rose milk good for digestion?

Dried rose buds

Are you experiencing some digestive woes? Tummy troubles got you down? Fear not, my friend! Rose milk is here to save the day (and your gut).
Not only is this pink concoction cool as a cucumber, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that will make your digestive system say “ahhh”.

Is Rose Milk tea good for weight loss?

Amazing rose oolong milk tea

Packed with antioxidants, it fights off evil free radicals while also giving your metabolism a boost. And if you’re on a weight loss journey, it’s the perfect sidekick – just skip the sugar and use some low-calorie plant-based milk to save on calories.
But beware of boba – it’s like the Joker, pure starch and not your friend if you’re trying to shed some pounds.

Concluding words

If you’re a fan of soothing and refreshing drinks, then you’ll want to try this rose-scented sweet tea ASAP. And don’t worry, it’s not just any ordinary rose infused tea – it’s an iced sweet rose bubble tea that’ll knock your socks off.

And you don’t have to be a tea-making connoisseur to enjoy it – this bubble tea is surprisingly easy to make.

make rose milk tea at home

Once you take a sip, you’ll instantly fall in love with the mellow flavor of tea accentuated by the pleasant kick of rose syrup. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can add some boba pearls to give it that extra chewy texture that we all love.

But beware, this tea is addictive – we guarantee that you’ll be craving more as soon as you take your last sip. So go on – indulge in some rose milk tea magic and give your taste buds a treat!

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