Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: great taste and easy preparation

Recently, cream cheese has been used more and more often in the preparation of various desserts and cakes. But not for everyone this ingredient is acceptable (powdered sugar, milk, etc). That is why today I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese.

These are very simple delicious recipes that make it possible to make an incredibly delicious dessert. And no need for cream cheese.


Dirt cake recipe: what are its features and what does this dessert taste like?

If you look back a little and take a closer look at the trends in the confectionery business, it becomes clear that the Dirt cake recipe has always been popular. And today it is in great demand among professional confectioners and sweet lovers. If you are wondering “What can be made from pudding mix?”, then this recipe is for you.

And, if you really love the Dirt cake recipe, but do not feel very good about cream cheese, I offer you a simple solution to this problem – an oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese.

Oreo Dirt Cup scaled 1

You will definitely remember this dessert! You will be captivated by the delicious aroma and taste of the cake. But at the same time, the oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese is very simple and requires only 6 ingredients (milk, Cool Whip, vanilla instant pudding mix, powdered sugar, etc).

Be sure to try it and write your impressions in the comments. Perhaps you can also suggest options for me to experiment with this recipe.

Why choose this dessert?

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  • Minimum ingredients and cooking time. Only 6 ingredients (Cool Whip, powdered sugar, milk, etc) and 15 minutes of your time = a delicious dessert without cream cheese!
  • The result is a delicious dessert without the use of cream cheese.
  • You can cook with your children. The main thing is to make sure that they do not come close to Oreo cookies (take a spare package just in case).
  • This recipe is easy to change, add ingredients or replace them to your liking (for example, you can replace powdered sugar with another sweetener, and Cool Whip can be replaced with homemade cream).
  • The dirt cake recipe is great for any occasion, be it a Birthday, New Year, Valentine’s day, or Christmas.
  • This a simple and effective recipe without cream cheese for those who do not like to eat cream cheese.

Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: what ingredients do you need to prepare? What is dirt pudding made of?

As I said above, for this simple dish you need only 6 components, which are presented below:

  • Vanilla extract – enough 1 teaspoon.
  • Milk. In this case, I used whole milk. Of course, you can use another type, because in the store this product is presented in a huge assortment. You need 3 glasses.
  • Vanilla instant pudding mix. You need to prepare 2 packages, each of which should be 3.4 ounces. In this recipe, I used vanilla instant pudding mix, but you can experiment with other options.
  • Whipped cream – 16 oz. I used Cool Whip.
  • Powdered sugar. For the current proportions, 1 glass is needed.
  • Oreo Liver 14 ounces, which is 1 pack.
Oreo Dirt Cake Pudding LR 2

Often, when creating this dessert without cream cheese, gummy worms are used. But in our family, they love it more without gummy worms.

Please note that the above ingredients (milk, powdered sugar, Cool Whip, and others) in this amount are enough to prepare a dessert for 12 servings. The nutritional value is 351 kcal. (Fat 10g / Carbohydrates 61g / Proteins 5g).

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Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: a step-by-step guide to making a divine dessert for you

Step 1: Working with Oreo Cookies

No Cream Cheese Dirt Cake Process 1

First of all, you need to deal with our yummy – Oreo. They need to be crushed with a blender or food processor. As a result, you should get a slurry of small crumbs.
We divide the result obtained into three parts. We put two parts in a baking dish. In this case, when making a dirt cake, I usually use a regular 9″ x 13″ rectangular pan. Crushed Oreos cookies need to be tamped a little in the form.
The third part of the oreo should be postponed.

Step 2: Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: making the Pudding

We take a capacious bowl and mix in it the pudding mixture and milk. After that, powdered sugar and vanilla extract should be added to the pudding mixture.
Next, when the pudding mixture is homogeneous, add the next component – cool whip. At this point, we only need to use half! After that, the mixture must be mixed again until smooth.

Step 3: Dirt cake shaping

We take our baking dish, where crushed Oreos are laid at the bottom. Pour the pudding mixture prepared in step 2 on top.

Step 4: Decorate our oreo dirt pudding

No Cream Cheese Dirt Cake Process 3

Top the pudding mixture with the remaining half of the remaining cool whip and top with the remaining crushed Oreos.
After you have formed the dirt pudding, it should be sent to the refrigerator. There he must stand for at least 4 hours before he can be served at the table.

Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: cooking suggestions

As you already understood, the oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese is incredibly simple. Even a schoolboy can handle this dessert. I want to share with you a few nuances and recommendations with which your dessert will be even tastier.

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Can I use homemade cream for this recipe? Of course, you can use this particular component. The result obtained will not be worse at all. In any case, this dessert will remain simple and very tasty!

What is the best way to crush Oreo cookies?

Of course, the easiest way is to use special kitchen appliances. It can be a blender with special attachments or a food processor. Just put the cookies in a special bowl and then the food processor will do everything on their own and you will get the necessary crushed oreos.

If you don’t have the right technique at hand, I suggest you the second option – using a rolling pin. You need to put the cookies in a ziplock bag. Before you start grinding, make sure that it is well closed.

Next, crush the cookies in the bag with a rolling pin. If you are cooking with your children, you can trust them with a wooden rolling pin and the chopping process. And at this time you can do the preparation of the pudding.

Keep your prescription card so you don’t lose it!

Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese

Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: how best to store and how long?

After your dirt pudding is ready, it can be stored in the refrigerator compartment. The optimal time is no more than 3 days. But, to be honest, I doubt very much that you will have anything left for the second day. My family eats this dirt pudding in one evening. So storage is not a problem for me.

If you still need to store the dirt cake in the refrigerator for a while, just put it in a baking dish. Use a lid on top. If there is nothing to cover the cake with, then you can use plastic wrap.

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Is it possible to prepare dessert without cream cheese in advance before the guests arrive?

Of course, you can! If I am expecting guests, I usually cook 20-24 hours before the guests arrive. This provides several benefits:

You can do this even two days before the guests arrive. This is the normal option. Be sure that the taste of your messy cake will not go bad at all. The key is to store the dessert in the refrigerator and use a lid or plastic wrap to cover it.

Oreo dirt pudding recipe without cream cheese: сooking secrets and options for replacing ingredients

If you are already tired of such a traditional oreo dirt pudding and you want to add zest to your messy cake, then I recommend that you carefully read the following options for replacement components:

  • Golden Oreo Cookies. A great option to replace the traditional Oreo. It has an equally amazing taste. Moreover, with this type of cookie, you can experiment with decoration. For example, in this way you can beat the beach theme. Use Golden Oreo Cookies to represent the sand. And small holiday umbrellas are suitable for decoration.
Beach Pudding cups 72dpi
  • Other flavors of Oreo cookies can be used for making dirt cake.
  • You can use chocolate pudding instead of traditional vanilla instant pudding mix. This is a great option for those who are crazy about chocolate.
DSC 0462
  • If you are cooking this dirt cake without the use of cream cheese for young children, you can get creative with the decor. For example, you can add a variety of fillings and decorations – marmalade sweets, worms, flowers, and much more. You can sprinkle chocolate chips on top of the dessert.
dirt cake recipe 2 1
  • Depending on what holiday you are preparing this dirt cake for, you can use several variations with ingredients. For example, for Valentine’s Day, you can add a heart or valentine decor, Red Velvet Oreo cookies, and you can add a little pink natural dye to the pudding itself. For Easter, you can use other dyes and decorations that are more appropriate for this day.
Easter Dirt Pudding Cups Exclusive 087
  • To make it interesting for children not only to prepare a dessert without the use of cream cheese but also to eat it, hide gummy bears or dinosaurs in the pudding.
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In addition to replacing ingredients for the dirt cake recipe, I also offer you options for replacing traditional servings.

  • You can get creative and serve this dirt pudding dessert in a flower pot! There will be no limit to the amazement of the guests. If you decide to implement this option, prepare carefully and use only clean containers. Food must be in safe contact with all surfaces.

Easter Dirt Cups Recipe
  • In addition, you can use not one large form, but small cream bowls or ordinary transparent cups to create separate portions. Do the laying of layers, as indicated in the step-by-step instructions. Keep the dirt pudding dessert in the refrigerator afterward. Transparent containers make it possible to see the beauty of the dessert layers.


This delicious recipe without cream cheese is the trump card of every housewife. After all, it is simple and requires a minimum of time and ingredients for preparation (powdered sugar, Cool Whip, milk, and others). I am sure that this version of the dessert without cream cheese will become one of your family’s favorites.

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