How To Make Mushroom Tea – Top-5 Best Recipes 2023

Nowadays, tea can be made from anything. There are a huge number of different varieties of tea, herbs, and berries. But no less popular are mushrooms.

Mushroom tea is popular in various countries, it is used not only for drinking but also for medicinal purposes (for example, for digestive problems, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.).

To this day, research on a complete list of the properties of these organisms is still ongoing. Nevertheless, mushrooms are firmly entrenched in the traditions of some people.

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There are many types of magic mushrooms that can be used to make magic tea. To be honest, I’m more of a fan of traditional teas. But still, I was wildly curious and I delved into this topic.

Today I will try to reveal the features of brewing mushroom tea and even leave a few effective recipes.

What is The Reason You Should Drink Magic Mushroom Tea? Making Tea With Mushrooms vs Eating

For some mushroom lovers, there is no difference between eating mushrooms or making tea from them. However, it is there and it is significant.

The thing is that making tea from mushrooms is, in fact, the preparation of raw mushrooms, during which they are converted into psilocybin extract.

It’s no secret that when eating raw mushrooms, there can be side effects – you may feel sick. The reason is related to the difficulty of digesting fresh raw materials. Chitin, which forms the cell walls of fungi, is very difficult to digest.

However, suppose you leave them under hot boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. In that case, the chitin, as well as other elements of the mushroom, will begin to decompose while the psilocybin mushrooms are absorbed into the water, making the tea psychoactive and less toxic to your stomach.

Magic mushroom tea, like everyone’s favorite lemon tea, can speed up the digestion process, making it more intense, and its overall duration a little shorter. But lemon trekking goes a step further, enhancing the magic mushroom experience with the addition of citric acid, unlike mushroom tea.

For both mushroom tea and lemon tea, when powdering mushrooms, much of the reason it is more absorbent and more potent has to do with surface area.

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Shroom Tea Benefits

Another downside to biting and swallowing dry mushrooms is the taste. For many, this is not the most pleasant occupation on earth. There are much more palatable foods that also have a positive effect on the body. However, to overcome this, many people make their own mushrooms into teas and add extra tea bags, lemon, berries, and other additives to mask the mushroom’s earthy taste.

In my opinion, a small amount of honey and ginger would be a great addition to magic mushroom tea. These products also have a positive effect on the body. Some experts add ingredients such as licorice root and hibiscus flowers.

Many people report adding lemon, lemon zest and squeezed orange juice or other citrus fruit to improve the flavor as well as the added effect.

In this form, mushrooms are not only easier to digest. Many people like the process of brewing mushroom tea.

What is Mushroom Tea?

To date, the culture of different countries has more than 100 species of mushrooms, which are used to create a variety of teas. They are especially relevant in Chinese medicine, where doctors use them to treat a variety of diseases. They are often sold as extracts or eaten dried.

Tea is a great way to consume mushrooms and is easy to make. The first step in making mushroom tea is choosing the best mushrooms.


This species can be found on the bark of birches. I grow mushrooms on the territory of Surfer America and in anuk are known under a different name – Inonotus Obliquus.

Chaga mushroom drinks are quite popular. You can not only make them yourself, but also try them in various institutions. If you look closely at the mushrooms, you can note the following distinctive features. Outside, they have a dark color, and inside – they a bright, orange.

Their popularity is due to the fact that they improve the functioning of the immune system and are rich in antioxidants.

The most significant component that is part of Chaga tea is betulinic acid. It has been scientifically proven that this component has a lot of positive properties. It can lower LDL cholesterol levels and is helpful in treating digestive problems.

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The taste of Chaga tea is delicate with a vanilla aroma. Tea can be made from fresh mushrooms or using Chaga mushroom powder.


Cordyceps mushrooms are one of the most intriguing because they are essentially parasitic organisms.

The spores of the cordyceps plant fall into the caterpillars, and after their death they remain to grow in the ground. The mushroom grows into a vibrant form with an orange stem.

The cordyceps mushroom is often referred to as the zombie mushroom because of its long-lived life cycles. They have been used in Chinese medicine since the 15th century. Modern medicine has confirmed that cordyceps mushrooms have great potential in the field of cancer treatment, toning and improving sleep quality.

If we consider the taste qualities of cordyceps mushroom tea, it is worth noting that it is similar to ground cocoa powder that is not sweetened. The mushrooms are earthy and have a rich, sweet and slightly salty taste.

“Lion’s Mane”

This mushroom got its name for a reason, but because of its appearance. Mushrooms have long, bushy tendrils that flutter and flutter in the wind. If we turn to science, then its name in this area will sound like Hericium Erinaceus.

Mushrooms are found on rotting and dead trees on different continents – Eurasia, North America. In some countries, this species is endangered, however, thanks to growing it in the right conditions at home, it can be saved.

This mushroom is used to improve brain health and is a popular ingredient in traditional medical practice. In terms of taste, the mushroom remotely resembles a lobster. It has a sweet and spicy taste that is complemented by a meaty aroma.


Maitake mushrooms – have you heard of them? They are very popular. If you pay attention to their nature, it can be noted that they can be found on trees (often oaks). These mushrooms can grow to very large sizes. There is evidence that some specimens reached 100 pounds. They are massive and have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain and discomfort. They can be found in both Asia and North America.


Unlike the above varieties, maitake mushrooms are more sour in taste. They have a fruity and spicy note.


Reishi mushrooms may also be referred to as Lingzhi mushrooms. They can often be found on the shelves of organic shops. On sale they are often found under the name Ganoderma Lucidum.

Fungi are found on dead hardwood trees at higher temperatures. They can be found on the territory of Asia, America, Australia.

In nature, they are easy to recognize due to the red cap. In appearance, they resemble an umbrella. Although other forms are also known. In ancient Chinese medicine, these mushrooms were often associated with immortality as they are rich in antioxidants and can stimulate the production of white blood cells.

Reishi mushrooms, which are quite popular and in demand, are distinguished by a sufficient variety of flavors. It can be described as pleasant and bitter, with woody notes. When brewing this tea, many people prefer to add sweeteners such as honey.

The Method How To Make Mushroom Tea

Easy Shroom Tea Recipe

Well, let’s get down to practice. In order to create this drink, it is necessary to prepare a certain list of ingredients, namely:

  1. First of all, mushrooms are needed. If you want to use dried psilocybin mushrooms, you will only need 3-4 grams magic mushrooms (or 0.1 or 0.5 if using micro doses).
  2. The second point is drinking water. You can take not only purified water, but also distilled. It will take 350-400 ml.
  3. Tea bag. It is best to choose your favorite herbal tea. You can also use any tea bag that do not contain caffeine.
  4. To improve the taste, you can use honey. For the recipe, 1 spoon is enough.
  5. You can also try a few pieces of ginger, which may help, especially if you are experiencing nausea.

There are a variety of methods to make shroom tea, therefore we will offer a straightforward recipe. The most efficient, simple method to make shroom tea is to be made in just six steps.

Step 1: First you need to pay attention to the correct weighing. It is important. It is believed that a low dose of hallucinogens is approximately 1 gram and can cause heightened senses.

A higher dose is thought to be around 3 grams magic mushrooms and can cause severe perceptual distortions, possibly an ego-shut off experience. If you are microdosing, you will only need 0.1 or 0.5 grams of mushrooms.

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Step 2: Grind the magic mushrooms into an extremely fine powder, or alternatively, in smaller, more dense pieces using a coffee mill. After that, place the ground mushrooms (fine powder) in cups.

Step 3: Boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan or kettle. Then, take the water off the stove and allow it to cool for 20 seconds after it’s boiling.

Fourth Step: Add a tea bag, and let it infuse boiling hot water for approximately 10 minutes.

Phase Five: Remove the tea bag. Then, filter the leftovers of the mushrooms from the cup the teabag was placed in. Pour the resulting liquid into the bowl. Then, place the mushrooms that have been filtered back into the cup.

Six Phase: Bring another cup of water up to simmer using your kettle or pan. When it’s boiling remove it from the heat and allow it to cool for around 20 seconds.

Seventh Step: Pour the water into the cup using the ground mushroom.

Step Eight: Add a teabag. Brew it for around 10 minutes.

9th Step: Mix together a cup of honey with a few pieces of ginger, or some lemon juice.

10th Phase: Drink down and relax!

Of course, you’ll require certain ingredients to make shroom tea in this manner. They include:

  1. A scale. It is crucial to be aware of the grams of mushrooms you’re eating on any particular trip and that is why you should make sure you have a reliable scale!
  2. A saucepan or kettle to heat water to boiling.
  3. A coffee grinder. It is a tool that is a tool that can grind the body that produces the fruit of magic mushrooms into a powder. This particular step helps with digestion. Use a this tool or similar tool to make the process easier.
  4. A strainer. This is an optional feature however we strongly recommend it,especially when you’re worried about nausea. The strainer is able to remove any excess pieces of the fruiting body which can be difficult to digest and could create stomach discomfort. Alternatively, you can put diverse combinations of loose-leaf herbs and teas along with your powdered mushroom inside an empty tea bag.
  5. Your preferred coffee mug or cup.

Top-5 The Best And Easiest shroom tea Recipes

1. Chaga shroom tea

The main advantage of chaga shroom tea is that you can brew it for a long time and not be afraid that bitterness will ruin its taste. It’s more astringent. Most often, it is drunk without the addition of any products to increase sweetness.

But, if you are a sweet lover, then you can add a cinnamon stick, a little maple syrup.

This chaga tea can be drunk as a refreshing drink with ice. Iced tea is refreshing.

Ingredients for shroom tea:

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Instructions shroom tea:

1. The first thing we need to do is heat the water. You can use any suitable kitchen tool or appliance for this.

2. Second: you need to grind the main ingredient. You can take a coffee grinder. Take a mushroom and turn it into mushroom powder. An alternative to this step is to use chaga tea bag.

3. Mix the chaga powder in a teapot (or tea kettle), then add boiling water.

4. To obtain a drink, one more simple step is necessary – wait about 4-5 minutes to brew it.

5. And that’s it! You can pour the drink into cups and drink.

2. Cordyceps Along With Ginger shroom tea

Ingredients for shroom tea:

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shroom tea Instructions:

1. Take a pot or kettle. Pour in purified water and bring it to a boil.

2. Add mushroom pieces to a container of hot water. We leave them for 10 minutes.

3. After 10 minutes, reduce the boiling power. Add ginger, lemon. We are waiting for another 5 minutes.

4. Next, strain the resulting drink. It is recommended to drink warm.

3. The Lion’s Mane Chai Tea

If you want to try an interesting drink, then Chai tea is what you need.

It is gaining more and more popularity due to its creamy texture. And in terms of taste, it is worth highlighting spicy notes. There is a slight nuance when brewing. To speed up the process, you can use some spices.Most often, the set includes a tea bag, cloves, cardamom, small pieces of ginger and black pepper.

But it is not necessary to follow exactly this recommendation. It’s more of a “classic”. You can invent your own drinks.

Ingredients for shroom tea:

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1. We take a pan of a suitable volume and pour in water. Bring it to a boil. After that, mushroom powder can be added to the water. Let it simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

2. While our drink is boiling, we can proceed to other tasks. We need to mix coconut oil, milk and honey. You can use a blender for this.

3. After 20 minutes, set aside the pan. Let the drink cool down a bit. Then add the whipped ingredients (step 2). The contents should be mixed and drunk warm.

4. For decoration, tea can be decorated with cinnamon.

4. Maitake Green Tea

A drink made with green tea is a rich drink in terms of the content of useful components. There are many varieties of green tea and all of them can be used in tandem with pribs. The mushroom tea recipe is simple and easy to remember. If you decide to try this drink, but did not find maitake mushrooms, you can replace them with the equally famous magic mushrooms Shiitake.


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shroom tea Instructions:

1. As in previous cases, we need to boil water. We take a suitable container. Optimally – a saucepan. We add water. Looking forward to the boil.

2. After waiting for the right moment, when the water boils, add Maitake psilocybin mushrooms to the pan and note the time from 10 to 15 minutes. Start a timer. It is important.

3. The next step is adding vanilla and tea. Before doing this, you need to reduce the power of the burner.

4. We insist tea for about 5 minutes.

5. We can use a coffee filter or a sieve to sift the drink. After that, pour into cups and drink.

5. Reishi Marjoram and Honey shroom tea

If you decide to try this mushroom tea, you should remember that this type of mushroom has a bitter taste. That is why many people try to stabilize the taste of the drink by adding various sweeteners. The most common additives are rosemary, peppermint, basil, chamomile, jasmine and others.


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brew shroom tea Instructions:

1. We take a kettle or a pan. Add 8 oz of water. We put it on the fire and wait for it to boil.

2. After that, take the prepared mushrooms and add them to the water. It is enough to boil them for a few minutes.

3. After that, we reduce the fire. Add oil, tea leaves, honey to the mushrooms.

4. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to infuse the drink. During this period, you can check the taste to see if it suits your taste preferences.

5. When serving for decoration, you can use lemon slices. You can also add some lemon juice to the cup. This further improves the taste of the drink.

Different Varieties of Magic Mushrooms Drinks

Of course, psilocybin tea fungi aren’t all the mushrooms you can prepare shroom tea or tinctures. Indeed, there are many ancient Chinese and Tibetan remedies, for instance, including other varieties of fungi such as Cordyceps together and herbs such as ginger.

There are other beneficial mushrooms like reishi, shiitake, or maitake that have been utilized in cancer treatment together with coconut milk, lemon juice vanilla, green tea, and many more.

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