How to cold brew green tea: detailed instructions and advantages of this method

I don’t know about you, but I personally am fascinated by Eastern culture. I have been to traditional tea parties more than once and will gladly go to this event again. After all, the way tea is brewed has its own mysticism and magic. Despite the simplicity of the process, I have not always managed to make a drink as tasty before.

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Today I want to share with you how to cold brew green tea.

I have only been to Japan once. But despite the short trip, the cultural features and traditions of this country are still spinning in my head. During the trip, the weather was hot, and the first thing I noticed was a large number of vending machines with chilled drinks.

One of my favorites was iced green tea. It is not only a healthy drink but also refreshing. It will give energy and strength in stuffy weather. And if you do not know how to cold brew green tea, then now I will tell you in detail about it.

What is cold brew green tea?

Of course, for many, this is not a very traditional way of brewing. After all, most often this drink is consumed warm. It is enough to choose the optimal grade of green tea, boil water, let the leaves stand for a while (or tea bags – they can also be used), and voila – you have a cup of fragrant tea in front of you. One sip and you can relax after a hard day’s work and say goodbye to negative thoughts.

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By soaking tea leaves in cold water for a set amount of time, the taste can be extracted. (Typically served cold or on ice) Tea that has been brewed in hot water, in comparison, typically just needs a few minutes to get its full flavor.

Green tea can be easily prepared by cold brewing. Green tea can be extracted by submerging tea leaves in cold, filtered water.

Caffeine-conscious individuals, take note: this brewing method is a fantastic choice for you. Cold brewed green tea has fewer caffeinated and bittering constituents than the hot water version.

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How to cold brew green tea and why is it best to do it at home?

Do you want to brew cold green tea? Naturally!

Cold brewed tea is a great option for hot days. If you have not tried this option yet, then you have something to think about!

It is the cold brewing technique that makes it possible to obtain a delicate and mild taste. You can be calm – in this drink, the traditional bitterness of green tea is completely absent.

Making tea in a cold brew method at home has many benefits:

  • Green tea can be prepared in large quantities and savored over time. To make just a cup or two of tea, you can use the hot brewing method.
  • You can use your preferred green tea leaves; it’s cheaper than bottled green tea and requires less effort than making it from scratch; and the results are less bitter, less caffeinated, and less astringent than hot brewed green tea.
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What are the benefits of cold brewing tea? Is it okay to cold brew green tea?

In my opinion, cold brewing tea is the easiest way to brew tea. Even though you have to wait much longer for the result. But it’s worth it.

This drink is a must-tasting for those people who love green tea and cooling drinks. Green tea itself has long been known for its beneficial properties. It has a mild taste and aroma that can be diluted with mint leaves or citrus slices. The main advantages include:

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  • Green tea is famous for having a large amount of antioxidants that are so important for humans.
  • Everyone knows that large amounts of caffeine are not good for health. Therefore, cold brewing is a great option for those who keep an eye on the amount of caffeine in drinks.
  • The taste of cold brewed tea is soft and without bitterness. 

What is the best way to make cold green tea? From theory to practice

Let’s now move on to more serious knowledge.

What needs to be prepared in order to brew green tea in a cold way?

One, the green tea. Green tea’s flavor is light and pure, with a hint of earthiness. The color is a greenish herb, and it’s both chewy and crisp. There are many preparations of green tea available, including a powder made from ground tea leaves known as matcha. Common practice calls for steeping green tea leaves before drying them.

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Filtered water is the second item. It stands to reason that the best water will provide the greatest-tasting tea. In other words, you should only use clean water. (new water) Since oxygen levels in the new water are higher, the brewed tea will taste better.

In Japan, there are several varieties of green tea that are used specifically for cold brewing:

1. Gyokuro (玉露). Unlike other green teas, gyokuro’s amino acids are concentrated because the leaves are grown in the shade on specially designed mats. After twisting and drying, the leaves take the form of thin needles. The taste and quality of this green tea make it the perfect choice for a hot drink.


2. Sencha (玉露) – if you are talking about green tea, then you most likely mean this particular variety. For cultivation, solar plantations are used. Tops and thin young leaves are used to prepare this variety for harvest. First, the raw material must undergo steam treatment. Next comes rolling and drying. As a result, the leaves take on the appearance of thin needles.


3. Bancha (番茶) is identical to sencha, except that its leaves are wider and closer to the stem. It is worth paying attention to the fact that leaves that are wider after special treatment do not become needle-like. Larger leaves do not wilt or become needle-like when dried. But in fact, these are only the main varieties that are most often used in Japan and which are quite easy to find in specialized stores. In addition to these species, it is also worth highlighting green tea with the addition of jasmine and mint. The “Dragon Well”, Genmaicha, is also popular.


Of course, you can use your favorite variety of green tea and ignore these recommendations. 

How long do you cold brew green tea?

In order for brewed green tea to reveal its aromas and taste, I recommend waiting at least 4-6 hours. You can use both loose tea and tea bags. It takes about 15 grams of leaves per 1 liter of water. Or use 4-5 bags.

Once the drink is ready, it can be stored in the refrigerator. You can drink tea for 2-3 days.

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What equipment is needed for cold brewing tea?

My recommendation for the cold brew method is to use the kettle or disposable tea bags below.

How do you cold brew green tea with tea bags? Ingredients and detailed instructions


  • 4 green tea bags is the easiest option. In case you don’t like to use bags and prefer loose leaf tea, choose your favorite green tea variety. In order not to filter the drink after brewing from the leaves, I recommend using special bags in which you can add the required amount of green tea leaves.
  • 4 cups of water
  • Mint (optional) – This addition will add a refreshing note.
  • Lemon (optional) – Small slices of citrus fruits are great for refreshing on hot days.
  • Sweetener (optional) – You can use both traditional sugar and other varieties. The amount must be adjusted according to your taste preferences.
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It is also worth choosing a suitable container for brewing. The easiest option in my opinion is a French press. You can also use a jug, jar, etc.

A detailed recipe for cold brewing green tea

  • Fill a French press (or another suitable container) with water.
  • Add green tea bags or leaves.
  • Optionally add mint or lemon wedges).
  • Refrigerate for 4 hours (with the lid closed).
  • Remove tea bags (or strain the tea leaves if using loose leaf tea).
  • Pour into a glass and garnish with mint or lemon wedges.
  • If necessary, add ice cubes.
  • Enjoy cold brewed tea!
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To make the drink more aesthetic, I recommend adding a lemon or lime.
Mint will also perfectly complement not only the taste, but also makes the drink beautiful and colorful.
In addition to sugar, other sweets can be used, such as maple syrup or other natural sweeteners.
Be sure to refrigerate leftover tea in a covered jug or jar. Tea without a lid can absorb other odors in the refrigerator, changing the flavor of the tea.

Brewing hot tea VS brewing cold tea

The chemical composition of hot and cold tea is distinctively different. Traditional tea preparation calls for steeping the leaves in water at a boil for three to seven minutes. Cold brewing techniques have not yet reached the level of maturity reached by hot brewing techniques.

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Tea leaves soaked in cold water don’t extract the same flavorful compounds as those soaked in hot water. To address this extraction issue, both the steeping duration and total amount of tea leaves have been significantly altered.

The bitter tannins in tea are released when the beverage is heated, which is why drinking tea too hot can make it taste bitter. A cup of tea prepared using the cold brew method is the ideal beverage for a lazy summer afternoon. He doesn’t hold any grudges.

Since fewer catechins and tannins are released, iced tea has a distinct flavor that differs from the typical iced tea. Tannins in tea are the primary flavoring agents responsible for its bitterness. Caffeine levels seem to fluctuate in mysterious ways, the nature of which we have yet to fully understand.

Read also other recommendations for brewing and creating delicious drinks:

A few last words about cold brewed tea

Cold brewed tea is a great option for hot weather. Cold brew green tea will cool you down, stimulate you, tone you up. It contains less caffeine and is more palatable than hot brew.

Be sure to try cold brew green tea and tell us about your impressions in the comments. And I, in turn, tried to reveal as much as possible the question of how to brew green tea in a cold way.

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What does a green tea drink taste like?


The taste of green tea is not as pronounced as, for example, black tea. It has earthy notes and a slight sweetness. Sometimes, nutty flavors are present.
Although it is worth noting that a lot depends on the variety chosen, and the brewing technique (using the correct temperature if you are using a traditional hot green tea brew). If brewed in very hot water or steeped too long, it can become quite bitter. And also, it is worth remembering that various additives (for example, mint, citrus fruits, and sweeteners) can be added to the drink, which significantly affects the taste.

How much tea to use for cold brewing?

The trick to extracting a fuller flavor is to double the amount of tea leaves or tea bags you would normally use for hot brewing.
If you are using one teaspoon or 3 grams of loose-leaf tea for hot brewing, use one and a half teaspoons or 4.5 grams of green tea for cold brewing.

Does green tea contain caffeine?

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Yes, cold brew green tea, like other tea drinks, contains a certain amount of caffeine. To reduce this value, it is best to use cold brewing tea.

How to make green tea very tasty?

Not everyone likes green tea, regardless of how it is brewed – cold or hot.
Cold infusion produces a milder, sweeter taste because you don’t release the same chemicals as hot brewed tea, some of which can be bitter.
To brighten up its earthy taste, I recommend starting with green tea with the addition of lemon, mint, sweetener. And don’t forget the straw! Any drink tastes better with a straw

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