How much loose tea per cup – the most accurate instruction on various types (black tea, green tea, matcha, herbal teas, etc.)

Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way they ought to. Additionally, we take loose leaf tea and attempt to calculate how much to put to one drink rather than utilizing a specific tea infuser or metered tea bags.

However, it goes beyond mere convenience or a dearth of tea bags. You can make drinks with a wide range of strengths, after all. Let’s try to calculate how much loose tea per cup?

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Several words on the advantages of loose leaf tea

Loose tea is the best way to enjoy this beverage. Loose tea, which is made from whole or partially broken tea leaves, can expand and unfold in the presence of hot water. The end result is brewed tea that accurately reflects the notes the grower and manufacturer put into it.

The taste of your brewed cup will be affected by a variety of variables. Different types of tea require different brewing times and water temperatures.

We sip tea in leaves. Then what? Freeze. Since we are unsure on how much loose leaf to add. Let’s get to the point quickly!

We’re talking about loose leaf tea because, well, duh. On top of that, we’re imagining a situation where the brewing takes place in a measured cup as opposed to a traditional kettle.

When brewing loose tea, how much should one use? is a valid concern, and one I had myself when I first started drinking loose leaf tea instead of tea bags.

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If you ask this question to a specialist, you will most likely get something like these 2-3 grams per cup or glass.

A long time ago, as soon as we moved into our house, the head of my husband’s department came to visit us … For a cup of tea. And the fact is that I then used sachets more often than loose. As a result, my drink turned out to be not very tasty and I decided to look into the matter in detail.

Each type of tea, the presence of additives, the addition of ice, milk, sugar to the drink leads to a change in the results. Even the temperature of the water in the kettle is also a very important factor!

What factors might affect the suggested serving size for loose leaf tea – black, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea?

The tea itself is a crucial component first and foremost. You must pay close attention to the following:

  1. Tea leaf dimensions.
  2. Grade and type of tea leaves.
  3. Inclusion of additives (eg berries, fruits, etc.).

Taste preferences should also be taken into consideration. Both strong and weak teas can be enjoyed.

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The quantity and types of ingredients, such as sugar, lemon, milk, cream, etc., should be the last thing to think about.

Let’s now examine these elements in further depth.

How much tea: dimensions of tea leaves and other blend ingredients

There are numerous shapes, sizes, and grinds of loose leaf tea. In addition, many infusions and combinations include substantial amounts of freeze-dried fruit, cardamom seeds, or even huge chunks of herbs. Because of this, it’s challenging to have a measurement that works for any tea blend you purchase.

  • All leaf tea size

Tea leaves that have been processed into smaller shapes or even partially broken will be bulkier and have more volume than large intact leaves that have not been tightly rolled. For instance, a full tablespoon of needle-green sencha leaves can be used in place of a modest teaspoon of green tea leaves that have been ground into gunpowder.

  • Mixed and herbal teas

Larger bits of herbs that give bulk to the tea can be found in blended teas. For instance, a tea blend can include substantial amounts of cardamom, but a flower mix would include full rose buds. To make certain you get more of the desired herbal flavor, use a heaping tablespoon.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea Everything You Need To Know
  • Finely cut tea size

Tea leaves that have been finely cut brew quickly and have a robust flavor. As a result, it is recommended to brew finely chopped leaves in a ratio of around one teaspoon to eight ounces of water.

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  • Greenness

The amount of water needed to make a herbal tea is variable and is based on the size of the herbs used. You can use a tablespoon of big, gentle chamomile flowers in place of a teaspoon of finely chopped, powerful peppermint leaves.

In any case, I use a kitchen scale to measure out 2 grams of loose leaf tea. This is the rule of thumb I use when calculating how much loose leaf tea to use for every 8 ounces of water.

Due to its increased density, 2 grams of finer leaf can be prepared with fewer teaspoons than 2 grams of coarser leaf. For this reason, it is preferable to measure loose leaf tea using a scale and grams rather than spoonfuls. Thankfully, when you just want to brew one cup, you won’t have to drag out the kitchen scale. This is a one-time process for each new blend I buy, and I always keep records.

How to make loose leaf tea without a strainer

The recommended steeping time, water temperature, and number of teaspoons per teabag are typically printed on the packaging of loose leaf teas, in case you don’t have a scale. This data is also typically available online, directly from the tea vendor.

Fruited tea

Flavors from the processing stage can be quickly transferred to the brewed tea, and this is especially true of jasmine and Earl Grey teas. More or less flavored tea can be brewed than a tablespoonful, depending on your taste.

Much loose leaf tea: favored flavors

If your tea was excessively strong or bitter after just a few minutes of brewing, try using less loose leaf tea next time. Be sure to use enough water the next time you make tea if it turns out to be too weak, looking almost watery, even after the recommended amount of steeping time has passed.

Including milk and sugar

How much loose leaf tea you’ll need also depends on whether or not you add milk or sugar.

What could be better than a pleasant aromatic drink with added sugar? Or maybe milk? Or maybe both? Have you seen what an incredible drink you can make with tapioca pearls? It’s something magical!

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For instance, the London Fog Tea Latte recipe calls for more Earl Gray tea than usual since it utilizes so much steamed milk and vanilla syrup. As a result, if you want to prepare an Earl Gray latte, you’ll need to use more tea than you would for a traditional cup of black tea.

How much tea: do you brew your tea hot or iced tea?

Since tea often doesn’t dissolve well in cold water, you should usually double the amount of tea you add when brewing iced tea. The quality of your iced tea will also depend on the tea you select. Teas with more flavor, such black, oolong, or some types of green tea, tend to be stronger. Herbal teas should be used with caution as they might have unpredictable affects and can be challenging to make.

Your perfect cup: brief recommendations for the use of loose leaf tea and its proportions for different portion sizes

  • Traditional black tea – 2 grams per cup
  • Specialty teas (this category could include silver needle, monkey tea, or other types of tea) – 2 to 4 grams.
  • Herbal drinks – 1 to 3 scoops per cup. Brewing time should be increased – at least within 5-10 minutes.
  • Puer – follow the instructions of the sellers. Traditionally, break off a piece of about 1 cm per serving.
  • Matcha – 1 scoop per serving.
  • Iced tea – The amount of tea used should be approximately doubled. For example, if you make black tea with ice and use a 12 ounce glass instead of 8 ounces, then we take not 2 grams of tea, but 3-4, because, firstly, a larger volume, and secondly, ice greatly dilutes the saturation of the drink.
How much loose tea per cup

What other factors, outside the qualities of tea and beverage recipes, should be taken into account?

It appears that making tea is difficult? It appears that we have thought a little bit more about the key ratios already. However, how much loose tea per cup? We have not yet fully answered this question.

Of course, the portion quantity should be your first consideration. After all, you get two different drinks if you use 2 grams of tea per cup which is 8 ounces, and this quantity per cup that is 12 to 14 ounces. But a cup for 24 ounces is available (for example, for a latte).

And this is not the final aspect that has to be considered.


First, ascertain how much of the beverage your cup or glass can hold.

Every cup is unique. They are now incredibly numerous and diverse. They can all have different physical qualities, nevertheless, at the same time. Many of these vintage cups barely weighted 5 to 6 ounces, just like the ones our grandparents used. While the sizes of our contemporary mugs, latte cups, and travel gear range from 8 to 24 ounces!

In actuality, a drinking cup holds 16 ounces of liquid, whereas a measured cup holds 8 ounces. In order to utilize adequate tea, be sure to know how much liquid your drinking cup actually holds. You’ll need to be aware of how many ounces of water your teapot can contain unless you’re brewing tea in your cup directly from the teapot.

Pour water into a measuring cup (the one for liquids with all the markings on the side, like this one) after filling your cup or jug with water to find out.

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The capacity of the measuring instrument is then determined (typically a teaspoon serves as it)

Similar to “cup,” “spoon” is not always a spoon. The eating spoons and measuring spoons you use when baking are most likely in your kitchen. Additionally, you can use teaspoons and table spoons with your tableware. Large spoons are commonly referred to as soup spoons in my household.

But although though teaspoons and tablespoons are frequently used to refer to cutlery, they may or may not actually be measuring spoons or tablespoons (the kind you use for baking).

Therefore, for precision, use genuine measuring spoons when you measure loose leaf tea.

A lot of tea firms also market their own spoons. I have one that is suitably called, for instance. You probably have a “favorite” loose-leaf tea if you like to brew tea. Be certain of its volume. This will enable you to precisely calculate the quantity of loose-leaf tea needed to brew pieces of various sizes.

Several suggestions I’ve discovered when practicing tea brewing

If you want to make the perfect cup of tea every time, use about 2 to 3 grams of loose-leaf tea for every 8 ounces of water. If you use several different kinds of tea, here are some additional tips to speed up the process.

  • Prepare accurate measurements by placing the tea leaves in individual stacks inside of snipped-off tea bags. When you’re ready to make your tea, you may either use the cup as a tea bag or place it in the infuser.
  • To prepare enough hot tea for a large group, just raise the amount of loose leaf tea to match the volume of water in your kettle. It is recommended to use no more than 6 grams of tea, or around 3 tablespoons, for a 3 tea cup teapot.
  • Be sure to look at how long to store loose leaf tea and how best to do it.
  • Create a tea notebook to keep track of your preferred tea brands, blends, brewing methods, and serving sizes. You may also record the water temperature and brew time.
  • When boiling tea for a large group, it’s important to use tea that has already been measured out into sachets or pyramid bags. They allow the tea to fully infuse, bringing forth all of its subtleties.


How much loose tea should I use per cup?

Copy of Sips by How To Measure Tea

I suggest you focus on these indicators, which are presented above in the article in the table or in this infographic. The simplest recommendation is 2 grams. But there are many factors to consider here.

What is the ratio of loose leaf tea to water?

Let’s remember the basic rule, which can be safely called “golden.” Often tea mugs can hold about 8 oz. And 2 g of loose leaf tea per perfect cup are most likely enough for this volume. This is provided that black tea is used.
But I recommend following the advice given above depending on the type of drink (hot or iced tea), variety of tea leaves, individual flavors, additives, etc.

How much tea do I use for 8 oz of water?

Traditional black tea – 2 g/glass.

How much loose tea equals a tea bag?

How To brew Loose Leaf Tea 19

DIY tea bags using exactly the amount of tea you require (if you take black tea, it will be about 2 grams). Place each stack of loose tea into a reusable tea bag before measuring or weighing it. Each teacup can be used as a bag or poured into the infuser when you’re ready to brew a pot.

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