Blue lotus tea: why does this drink cause so much discussion and does it really have a narcotic effect?

The blue lotus flower, a miraculous medical plant that has been utilized since ancient Egypt, is one of the two components in Blue Lotus Tea, a straightforward herbal beverage.

This plant, commonly referred to as the blue lily plant, was first cultivated in ancient Europe and is now exquisitely grown near the Nile River. It holds immense spiritual and cultural value. Although the blue lotus has many advantages, it is currently a threatened species of plant.

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It offers a variety of affordable services, including as deep relaxation, lucid dreaming, an anxiety reliever, and more. It was also connected to Egypt’s royal family and was regarded as a party drug because of its modest aphrodisiac properties. The legality of this plant is a frequently asked subject, which we addressed later in the text.

Herbal remedies dating: The Blue Lotus is what?

The blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea), which grows in Thailand, Syria, and some parts of India, was used in herbal remedies by ancient Egyptians, Thais, and Syrians. The endangered plant was used to make blue lotus wine, which was also consumed during festivals, by the ancient Egyptians. This ancestral flower was regarded as the official flower of the sun god Ra and was used for deep relaxation as well as other uses. He was thought of as an ancestor flower.

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Aquatic plants such as sacred flower float on the water’s surface yet their roots are firmly planted. The plant’s flowers open in the daytime and close at night. Not to be confused with a different plant known as the water lily flower (Latin name: Nelumbo nucifera).

Due to its history of being linked to psychedelic effects and lucid dreaming, dried endangered plant are now used to make a drink that alters consciousness. The leafless blue lily flower used to make blue lotus tea has a seductive scent.

Blue lotus tea

From the blue lily flower, which has a strong curative function, blue lotus tea is made. Since ancient Egypt, a herbal tea made from the attractive blue lotus flower, which has a potent smell, has been used to treat a variety of ailments. Blue lotus tea is now regarded as a mentally enhancing beverage with many advantages. Blue Lotus Tea was regarded as both therapeutic and leisurely in antiquity. It possesses a wide range of therapeutic benefits that include insomnia, anxiety, and moderate aphrodisiac effects.

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If you want to try a healing tea with beneficial properties for the body, we recommend brewing rosehip tea. This is the best drink for chilly autumn!

Amazing for:

  • Whenever you experience stress, worry, or overload.
  • Whenever you need a moment of inner calm and relaxation.
  • To relax in the evening after a long day to have a better night’s sleep.
  • To dine and socialize while sharing with a friend or loved one.
  • Eat it along with your preferred snack.
  • Add it to non-alcoholic cocktails, lattes, and other drinks. Take a look at our recipes.
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What does blue lotus tea do?

Effects of Psychoactivity herbal tea. Mind altering drink

In the Middle East, blue lotus tea has been consumed for generations and is renowned for having mild psychedelic properties. The tea’s active components are thought to be the substances apomorphine and nuciferin, and it is prepared from blue lotus blossoms.

Apomorphine and nuciferin are believed to act on dopamine receptors in the brain when ingested and provide euphoric feelings. The usage of blue lotus tea during religious rituals and festivals by the ancient Egyptians is thought to have resulted from these effects. The third eye’s functionality was substantially enhanced by the blue lotus, among other things, and it is thought to have served as a portal to the divine.

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The blue lotus flower has been known to produce visual hallucinations when consumed in large doses, particularly when blue lotus incense or a potent tincture is inhaled.

Effects of Aphrodisiacs herbal tea

Blue lotus extract has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac, although the contemporary medical study does not support this claim. The herb has been used in sexual ceremonies throughout history, most notably in Egypt.

Some people have suggested that the extract can improve erectile function, increase desire, and enhance sexual performance in recent years. There is, however, little solid scientific proof to back up these assertions. It is a well-known natural aphrodisiac, nevertheless.

Effects of Pain Relief

Due to its numerous antioxidants, blue lotus is also well known as an effective natural remedy with antispasmodic properties. These properties can be particularly effective for easing cramps that happen throughout the menstrual cycle as well as for reducing any inflammation that happens throughout the body. This can be quite beneficial for any uncomfortable symptoms that could develop.

Lucid dreams Using Blue Lotus

A dreamer who is cognizant of his dreaming is said to be in a lucid dream. There are many techniques to create lucid dreams, including using teas and supplements containing blue lotus.

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For ages, societies all over the world have utilized blue lotus tea to enhance dreams and create altered states of consciousness. Blue lily petals contain psychoactive alkaloids that can lessen anxiety and promote feelings of calmness and euphoria.

In addition to tea, blue lotus flower extract can be vaporized or mixed with water to create a herbal medicine. Despite the lack of scientific proof, many individuals vouch for the effectiveness of this precious blue flower in promoting lucid dreaming.

How to brew blue lotus tea

  • First you need to prepare hot water. Heat water to a rolling boil in a kettle, saucepan, or another vessel.
  • If there is heat present, turn it off before adding the flower and closing the pot with a lid. Instead, if you’re going to use a mug, cover the flowers with water and a saucer. Let the swelling last for 15 minutes. You can use special blue lotus tea bags.
  • When the drink is the correct temperature for you, you may either strain the flowers out or leave them in.
  • Honey can also be used to sweeten the beverage.
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Due to its numerous medical benefits and distinctive flavor, this flower tea has been enjoyed for thousands of years. You get better sleep and your anxiety issues get better with this tea. Like many other nations, drinking blue lotus flower tea is acceptable in India. Take this exquisite tea from TeaSwan to spice up your everyday schedule and make it happier all day long.


Is blue lotus tea safe?

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Even if the flower is legal in most nations, it’s still advisable to see your doctor before using the blue lotus flower.
The flower is suitable for human ingestion because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies it as poisonous but does not list it as a controlled substance. But it also means that finding a safe dosage is challenging.
Real information regarding the substance’s safety and potential negative effects is also lacking. It is always advisable to use caution and consult your doctor before taking a new supplement, particularly one with such scant scientific support.

Is blue lotus a narcotic?

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There are a few things you should know before exploring blue lotus effects. It is classified as an entheogenic drug, a substance that alters consciousness and is thought to have spiritual or religious effects. Commonly, this phrase is used in place of hallucinogenic.
You may experience a modest sense of euphoria and “high” after eating blue lotus flowers. Some claim that it somewhat resembles the high from cannabis, however, different people react to it in various ways.

What does lotus tea do for you? Does it make you sleepy?

Since ancient times, blue lotus tea has been used as a home treatment for a variety of illnesses. The tea is thought to help with sleep since it contains substances like nuciferine and aporphine.
The tea is thought to be good for the digestive system as well, alleviating issues like indigestion.
There is some indication that tea may be a helpful natural cure for persons who experience insomnia or other sleep disorders, while further research is required to prove its impact on the nervous system. Try blue lotus tea if you’re seeking for a secure, all-natural solution to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Can you drink blue lotus tea with caffeine?

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No. Caffeine is absolutely absent from blue lotus tea.

What flavor does blue lotus tea have?

The flavor of blue lotus tea is delicate, with hints of fruit and flowers.

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