About me

Let’s get acquainted.
My name is Elena Tasty. I am a mother of two children and a happy wife.
My passion is tea and various goodies that can improve your mood on the rainiest day.

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I could not forget these impressions when I visited the first tea ceremony many years ago. For me, brewing tea is a real art. In addition, many teas are not just hot drinks. After all, there are a lot of herbal teas that not only have a positive effect on mood and warm the body and soul but also help health.

Thanks to the peculiarities of my husband, we were able to visit different countries, and I was happy to learn about the various traditions of tea brewing in each country.
Now I am more in the USA and dedicate much time to the household and children. That is why I began to devote time not only to tea but also to goodies. But my friends and relatives know where you can have a cup of fragrant tea and enjoy a delicious dessert)
I dream that when the children grow up, I will be able to open a cozy cafe where I will offer incredible tea and, of course, sweets for drinks.
I really hope that the information that I leave here about recipes for brewing tea and desserts will allow you to enjoy these goodies as much as I did.
I will be glad to receive your comments and impressions about the presented recipes.

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